Liz & Cory {Iowa City Wedding}

Liz and Cory  created such a beautiful wedding day. We loved to see how many personal mementos were incorporated and thoughtful touches for their guests throughout. Despite the forecast for rain we arrived to blue skies. The barn was decorated flawlessly and no detail was left unthought. All family traditions and heirlooms they could find were all included in their day, from the cake topper used for several generations before them, to the champagne glasses they toasted with. Every touch of their wedding was included with intention right down to the surprise pizza delivery from a favorite, local pizzeria. They didn’t even forget to celebrate a friend’s birthday since she approved to share her day with them. It all added up to a perfect wedding day.

Cory and Liz wanted a day for their friends and family to enjoy. To celebrate friendship and family just as much as their marriage to each other. With a magical fall backdrop, they laughed and reminisced and enjoyed every single person at their wedding. And we laughed and enjoyed being a part of it.

Congratulations, Liz and Cory. Thank you for allowing us to document such a special moment in your lives. We are grateful for the opportunity and hope you enjoy this glimpse into your beautiful, fall wedding.

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WM__JensenJB- 100618-0717

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0014

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0719

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0720

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0736

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0007

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0028

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0023

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0017

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0108

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0754

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0092

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0851

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0194

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0931

WM__JensenJB- 100618-0939

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0208

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0182

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0152

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1025

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1067

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1017

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1080

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1103

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1120

WM__JensenJB- 100618-1166

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2356

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0445

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2397

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0458

WM__JensenJP- 100618-0467

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2477WM__JensenJB- 100618-2497

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2844-2

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2699

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2737

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2762

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2815

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2869

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2835

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2965

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3083

WM__JensenJB- 100618-2996

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3099

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1170

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1060

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3214

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3200

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3293

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3450

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3478

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1660

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1736

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3622

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3636

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3638

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3736

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3750

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3778

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3779

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3818

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3908

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1935

WM__JensenJP- 100618-1920

WM__JensenJP- 100618-2083

WM__JensenJP- 100618-2087

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3927

WM__JensenJB- 100618-3913


A round of applause for all the vendors for their creativity and hard work!

Venue: Celebration Farms

Florals:E’s Florals (Solon, Iowa):


Dress: Melissa Sweet


Wedding Planner: Danielle Stowell @

Hair/Makeup: Laura Rybak

Catering: Bread Garden (Iowa City)




One thought on “Liz & Cory {Iowa City Wedding}

  1. What a lovely day for Cory and Liz..Your wedding day was beautiful. I love seeing you both when you came to Seattle this summer. Cheers to you both .. Love you both💗🎉

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